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Store-to-Home Delivery

Importance of store-to-home delivery:

Many small businesses throughout Saskatchewan are finding the need to offer their customers the service of store-to-home delivery for parcels. Frontier offers a complete solution for this service that will enable a seamless transition from in store to online shopping for your customers. Get in contact with one of our team members today!

Keeping stores and homes happy:

We care about fulfilling the needs of both stores and their client’s while providing a fast, cost-efficient and reliable delivery service. For example, we know late cut-off times are important to your store and that next day delivery is important to your customers. Therefore, we strive to ensure that both these services are met. 

open box at home
flexible store-to-home delivery

Location flexibility:

Our flexible services give you the option of having your parcel picked up from your store or warehouse. After the parcel is picked up, it will be delivered directly to the homes of your customers.

Connecting stores and homes throughout Saskatchewan:

Being Saskatchewan’s largest courier service, we have a large delivery network which connects over 450 locations throughout the province. Consequently, we can connect your store to the homes of customers who reside in cities and rural Saskatchewan. Our familiarity of the province allows us to find the most efficient routes between your store and your customers’ homes.

Saskatchewan routes
order online for home delivery

Tracking every step of the way:

Place your order through Frontier’s easy to use online dispatch system or transmit the shipping data. You and your customer will be able to the track the package to their home. With the transparency this method provides, customer relationships will remain strong.   

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