Coutts Courier

Highway One Shipments

Next day delivery service for towns located along Highway one Shipments

Our courier service operates daily trucks along Highway 1 from Regina to the Manitoba border. Parcels can be picked up and delivered next day from any town along Highway 1 that is located between Regina and the Manitoba border. As a trusted courier in Saskatchewan, Frontier can connect businesses with their customers in small towns all along this route in a fast, efficient manner. 

Courier between Regina and Moosomin

Leaving Regina first thing in the morning gives our drivers the flexibility to service all the towns between Regina and the Manitoba border. Our daily stops include but are not limited to: Mclean, Qu’Appelle, Indian Head, Wolseley and Whitewood. 

sun rise truck

Parcel pick-up and delivery

 We specialize in in small parcel shipments. This focus gives our clients the flexibility to have their packages picked-up and delivered without having to comply with standard shipping sizes.

Next day delivery to towns along Highway one

Our daily runs between Regina and Moosomin allow us to provide a next day delivery service that is both cost-efficient and reliable. The frequency of our courier services connects businesses with customers daily resulting in fast delivery and satisfied customers.

next day delivery
store-to-home delivery

Store-to-home delivery

After your parcel is picked up, it will be delivered directly to the homes of your customers. Our familiarity of the Regina to Moosomin route allows us to find the most efficient methods to deliver parcels to your customers’ homes. 

Network throughout Saskatchewan

Our network throughout Saskatchewan gives you the ability to ship your products to over 450 locations across the province. View a PDF with service points below.

Saskatchewan network